Clearcool Solar Film

clearcool solar film

Keep your spaces cool and protected

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Beat the heat without
compromising on aesthetics

From the makers of gush

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Resilient cooling solution

Leveraging ceramic nanotechnology, Clearcool can reduce indoor temperatures by up to 25ºC  and is built to withstand years of sunlight exposure without discolouring.

Uncompromising views

Clearcool is so clear that it does not sacrifice visibility for cooler spaces, promising that you can enjoy scenic views and thermal comfort – the best of both worlds.

Healthier indoor spaces

Even indoors, you are not safe from UV rays which expedite aging and cause skin cancer. By virtually blocking out all UV rays, Clearcool protects you from the sun’s harmful effects.

Kinder to the environment

Clearcool is an eco-friendly solution of lowering temperatures – as opposed to other cooling solutions like air-conditioning units that generate heat and greenhouse gases, worsening global warming.


reduction in solar transmission


savings in cooling energy


savings on your monthly bills

Sounds cool enough?
We can help you install too.

We provide both in-house and contractor installation services so you can enjoy Clearcool fuss-free.

Liveability Impact

Active people, dynamic cities, and a healthy planet. Our proven materials for living spaces are made to solve urban indoor living challenges and improve quality of life for city-dwellers worldwide.